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When considering limos, there are many different types from which to choose depending on your needs and your budget. Models range from the Hummer and Escalade limos to regular Lincolns all the way up again to upscale classics like the Excalibur and Rolls Royce. When considering which model to rent, consider who will be riding in it and where it will be going. Club hoppers and party goers often like the roominess and trendy look of SUV and bigger limos to ride in with friends. Typical colors are white, black and silver or grey, but more flashy and trendy limos in bright greens, pinks and oranges are beginning to emerge in party cities such as Las Vegas and Los Angeles. For those more in tune to unique models, limos such as the VW Beetle Stretch are known to be in existence. Limos usually contain a range of amenities from stereo systems, fiber optics, DVDs, laser lights, Tvs, video game boxes, sunroofs to hot tubs, karaoke machines and full bars. The more features a limo has the more expensive it is. Exotic Limo models such as the Corvette Limo, the F-350 Limo are also becoming popular for proms and bachelor/bachelorertte parties. Weddings are the perfect time to splurge on the more expensive limos. Antique limos are also available and popular with brides. Antique limos are usually classic cars such as the 1937 Cadillac Limo, the 1963 Bentley Sedan and the 1967 Rolls Royce Phantom V. Whichever model you choose, limos are a fun and elegant way to travel.

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