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SUV limos are a great choice for all types of people. The SUV limo is especially kid-friendly because of amenities like wireless DVD headphones, oversize baby seat hooks and lots of room for bags and strollers. Features usually also include XM radio, Wi-Fi connections and satellite television.The size and maneuverability of SUV limos make them a popular choice for anyone traveling with an entourage. An ultra low-key alternative to stretch limos and town cars, the SUV limo is the perfect choice for companies and businessmen of all types. The SUV limo commonly comes in the Chevrolet Suburban, GMC Yukon XL or Cadillac Escalade ESV models. Differences are mainly in the interior trim details. SUV limos have two chairs in front, two chairs in the middle and a bench in the back. Seating can accommodate up to six adults comfortably and offers a large luggage capacity. With the backseat down, sports equipment and other large cases can be accommodated for, as well as four adults. Stretch SUV limos have become the most popular limos in the industry because of their ability to maintain safety regulations along with a giant seating capacity. The 200" can carry anywhere from fourteen to twenty-four passengers comfortably.

SUV Limousines

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