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Hummer limos are great for accommodating a large number of people for that special occasion. Definitely not for the shy, you will no doubt be noticed wherever you go in a Hummer limo. Interiors are equipped with the best of modern amenities from fiber optics, mirrored ceilings and stereo, to DVD players, full champagne bars and video game consuls. These monsters are so big that they can easily accommodate twenty-four people and some are even equipped with karaoke machines. Some have as many as eight flat screen televisions, chrome wheels and lava lamps. Themed Hummer limos are also very popular and can be a good choice if you are looking for a limo for a very specific occasion. Some Hummer limos even contain a casino within their moving walls complete with slot machines, casino tables and a poker room. These limos are so big that they can usually allow for separate and private seating, complete with its own TV sets and controls, usually towards the rear. These massive machines are not your everyday vehicle, and not even your typical limousine, so make sure that your company and driver are licensed and that your driver has experience with this model.

Hummer Limousines

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